Courting Emily by Amy Lillard

courting emily

Emily Ebersol loves Luke Lambright and has for as long as she can remember. She wants to marry and raise a family of her own. Luke loves Emily but he also loves race car driving. He leaves Emily and the Amish life to pursue a career as a race car driver. Elam Riehl has loved Emily for as long as he can remember but has said nothing about his feelings because everyone knows Emily loves Luke. Elam also has the responsibility of caring for his family since his father’s accident that left him childlike. Emily and Elam become close after she goes to the Riehl’s house to help out. Can Elam win her heart or will the return of Luke ruin everything?

I really enjoyed this sweet Amish romance from Amy Lillard. Amy is a new-to-me author and I like her writing style. This was an easy to read book with a slightly different tone than other Amish books I’ve read. It has a bit of a contemporary flair but still stays true to the Amish fiction that we have all enjoyed reading.

The characters in the book are all likable and well-rounded. Amy has written them so you can relate to them and their life. I must admit Elam wasn’t my favorite at first but he softens up throughout the book and I soon wanted him to be the winner of Emily’s heart.

This story is set in Wells Landing, Oklahoma, which isn’t your typical Amish fiction setting. I liked this. It was nice to see a book set in a place other than the typical Amish settlements.

I would definitely recommend this book and will be reading more from Amy Lillard. She has made me a fan with this book!


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