the journey home

Birdie Miller had left the Amish faith to join the English world. When she received a phone call that her mother has been in an accident and may not live she returns to her Amish family to help take care of her mother. Things at home aren’t easy for Birdie though as she struggles in her relationship with her father. Birdie is everything an Amish girl shouldn’t be: headstrong, determined, independent, opinionated. All these things make her relationship with her father difficult.

Caleb Troyer is leaving his Amish family in Ontario to move to Ohio and start a new life as a blacksmith. He is leaving his home because he is attracted to someone who loves another. Caleb meets Birdie and isn’t sure about her. She comes across as someone who, as an Amish woman, is too strong in her opinions. Caleb soon learns that Birdie isn’t as tough as she seems and has struggles of her own.

I liked the story line of this book. I am really enjoying all of the Amish fiction lately that focuses on not-so-perfect Amish families. Let’s face it. The Amish all have problems like everyone else. It is refreshing to read about their problems and how they handle them. Birdie had problems that I think everyone can relate to. I liked Caleb’s character as I think he was instantly likable. I also liked Esther, Birdie’s best friend. I would like to see a story written about her.

I would have liked the book to have been longer. I was enjoying getting to know Birdie and Caleb and wished their story could have been longer and more detailed. It would have been nice to have seen their friendship develop more and to have read more about their courtship.

This book is easy to read and can easily be read over a long afternoon or over a weekend


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